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vegas and what I've learned.

January 3, 2018

My husband, brother, and I went to Vegas for NYE. It was a lot of fun, but it was more of a learning experience for us! I decided to put together a little list of the things we learned.

  1. If you’re wanting to visit Vegas on a busy weekend (NYE, Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, Halloween) book your hotel at least 4-6 months in advance. As it gets closer to the holiday, the prices continue to go up. For example, hotels on NYE day were around $300-400 for one night if you wanted to be on The Strip. 
  2. If you plan on going to any clubs, buy your ticket well in advance. I cannot stress this enough. If you wait to purchase your ticket at the door, they will (almost guaranteed) be double the price of what’s listed online. Purchasing in advance will also put you in a shorter line and get you into the club sooner. *Keep in mind that men's tickets are always double the price of women's.
  3. Always bring a back-up card/money. And be sure to call your bank to let them know you’re traveling! We forgot to do this on our last trip to Vegas and the card was stopped. We couldn’t call because it was a holiday! Super frustrating. The time before that, Cameron’s card got lost on the dance floor and my card was eaten by an ATM. Our back-up card/money seriously saved us. 
  4. If you’re going with a group of people, always decide on a meeting spot if you get separated. This was such a lifesaver for us. I got separated from my group with no phone (it was awful) and I was able to find them at our spot! 
  5. If you’re planning on drinking at the club, I highly recommend pregaming in your hotel room. Drinks at any club on The Strip are usually around $15 each, not including tip. You can buy an entire bottle of Vodka for the same price at a nearby Smith’s! Definitely a money saver.

Hope this list helps!

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