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my crazy week.

March 3, 2017

Shirt: Target // Pants: Target // Earrings: Forever 21

Life has a crazy way of surprising you. I went to InstaCare on Tuesday because of some pain I was having in my kidney. I was prescribed some antibiotics and began taking them that evening. Wednesday morning I dropped Cameron off at the airport to go to Thailand.

In the afternoon that day, when I was at work, I started having a hard time breathing. I thought it was my asthma acting up, so I took a few puffs of my inhaler. Regardless, it kept getting worse until I collapsed in the hallway and yelled out that I needed to get help. As I was being driven to InstaCare, it kept getting worse and we ended up having to pull over and call 911. (I won't go too much more into the details.)

It turns out that I was allergic to my antibiotics and had an anaphylaxis reaction to them. It was terrifying. I'm now on different antibiotics and taking what feels like 20+ pills. But I'm feeling much better. And honestly, the worst part is that Cameron isn't here. He didn't even know about it until the following day because of the traveling.

I'm very, and I mean very, thankful for the genuine people around me that were able to help me get to the care that I needed. I'll be taking it east this weekend for sure.

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