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the perfect mom dress.

January 19, 2017

Dress: c/o Pink Blush // Boots: Forever 21

I've collaborated with PinkBlush a few times and have never been disappointed.

All of my mama friends or soon-to-be mamas, PinkBlush is your store. All of their clothes are perfect for pre/during/post pregnancy. So if you're worried about wasting money on maternity clothes that you'll only wear a few times, this is the way to go. Their clothes transition so perfectly from maternity to non-maternity, and vice versa.

This dress that I'm wearing is actually maternity! You really can't tell at all. Isn't it so lovely? It seriously feels like a blanket, it's so comfortable!

They have such a huge selection of styles. I was really surprised by how large their selection is! Be sure and check out PinkBlush, ladies.

(Also, to make sure you all know, this is not a pregnancy announcement. Hahaha.)

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