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what happened when i cut off all my hair.

February 24, 2016

Jumpsuit: Forever 21 // Brooch: ban.do // Glasses: Warby Parker

Yes, another post about hair.

And yes, I did not follow through with my resolution of keeping my hair purple all year.

A pixie cut has been in the back of my mind for quite some time. It just never seemed like the right time.. These past few weeks or so I've been thinking of starting fresh with my hair, so I started looking at pixie inspiration and felt like it needed to happen. Thankful for my friends who helped push me into it!

After I cut off all my hair, a lot of things happened to me. I decided to make a list and share with you guys.

1. I immediately questioned myself a very large WHY. I had a mind full of regrets.
2. I started to wonder what other people would think of me:
    • Would people think I'm gay?
    • Will guys still find me attractive?
    • Will I be mistaken for a man?
    • What if everyone hates it?
3. I didn't know what to wear! I legit searched Pinterest for "pixie cut outfits". Yeah, that's a thing.
4. I now feel the need to compensate the lack of hair with more makeup to feel "feminine".

Once I had all of these thoughts to myself, I also came up with these realizations:

1. I've told myself many times, and will continue to, "Hair. Grows. Back!"
2. What can I wear? "Anything. You can wear anything, ya big idiot."
3. Having less hair doesn't make me any less feminine.
4. When it comes down to it, it's me who has the hair. Me who wanted it. And other people's opinion shouldn't carry so much weight.

Even though this is a big change and I'm still adapting, I'm going to own it. And rock it. :))

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  1. Wifey!

    This jumpsuit is everything.
    Also, now I'm itching to get my own hair cut!

  2. I wish I had the guts to do something like this, but I am way too chicken!! You kill it!!!!! :)

  3. i consider myself a short hair advocate, so i am tha-rilled to see this. your other bob was short, too, but this lets you get even more whimsical with some pomades and texturizing. enjoy it!

  4. Ha ha, I had all the same worries when I got a pixie cut a few years ago. Only one person ever mistook me for a guy, and it was way more embarrassing for him than me. Good for you for trying something new!

  5. You look awesome with this cut! And I love the jumpsuit.


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