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home inspiration.

February 11, 2015

I've been Pinning a lot of home inspiration lately, and I wanted to share my favorite ones with you all!

I picture my future dream home with mostly white walls, white hardwood floors, and then bursts of color with decorations, furniture, and appliances. I want it to be in a small, old colonial home with lots of windows for tons of natural light. It will be somewhere in Washington, with green grass and green trees everywhere. Preferably Olympia. I'll be driving my dream car, a sea colored Nissan Cube. Probably have a cat, or two. All with Abigail and the love of my life. Without being too specific. ;)

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  1. ok so are we the same person or. literally these house inspiration pictures are my jam. also i wanted a nissan cube 4 ev. now i'm changed to a subaru forester, just for like, space purposes. but still! i feel like our taste is v similar :)

  2. So fun. I love all of the light and the bright colors. My next dream is just more space. Or place feels so small sometimes. Our two kittens love it though. Big windows to watch the birds. :) XO -Alexandra

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