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March 9, 2014

1. Growing out my bangs.
2. My paleness.
3. My tattoos.
4. My small boobs.
5. My non-existent butt.
6. Super split-ends.
7. My man feet.
8. An hourglass figure.
9. Fragile, brittle nails.
10. My droopy eyelid.

I may be crazy for posting these. I thought a lot about whether or not I should share this on my blog. I guess they wouldn't be called insecurities if they didn't make you feel insecure. What better way to get over them than by posting for the whole world to see?

I could probably list more. No, I definitely could. But these are my "strongest", I guess you could say.. Having a blog where you post pictures of yourself daily, really helps with getting over your insecurities. Not necessarily making them non-existent, but making them irrelevant. Showcasing  your insecurities. Yeah, I can hate things about the way I look, but at the end of the day, I really am thankful for how I am and how I feel. I'm confident in my body, even though it's not perfect. It took a while to get there. But I'm there. And I love it.

Here are some other beautiful bloggers who bravely shared their insecurities.
1. Kaylie
2. Beverly
3. Samantha

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  1. I would gladly trade my boobs with you...if I could.
    ...and I totally understand where you're coming from but you're gorgeous love, just the way you are.

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  2. These are gorgeous photos Kalee, I feel like you're peering into my soul! And I get self-conscious about my big bustline...funny how people always want what they can't have!

  3. Go you for posting these. So brave. We all have insecurities and what better way to embrace them by putting them out there for the world to see. You are beautiful. I think all your insecurities make you YOU. Unique you!

  4. Good for you for posting this, it shows that you are a very strong person. Not everyone can post something like this. The pictures above are amazing, I love the different poses put together. Personally, I think you rock those bangs.

  5. I need to write something like this! I have so many insecurities as well, and being a style blogger that's all I see in my post sometimes :/ you are beautiful missy!

  6. I love this post. It takes a lot of courage to recognize your insecurities or "faults" and to be happy with them. Everyone has doubts, but those who can call to them can face them and change them if they'd like. :) hell, I'm fat and always worry people will judge me because of that, even though I would never do that to anyone else. I can never extend the generosity and kindness of myself to myself, if that makes sense. It's a tough battle but I think acknowledging them and "dealing" with them takes a lot of strength. <3 Thankyou for such a lovely post and wonderful insight! 💛

    p.s. i think those jeans give you a cute booty <3

  7. pat on the back to you! takes courage to admit we all have things we dont like about ourselves! :) good luck! love yourself, no matter what....

  8. you are drop dead gorgeous. thought you should know from an outside source. ;) xoxo

  9. Okay, you are crazy. You are so super stunning and you shouldn't be insecure about any of these things! Although I know the feeling, it's different when it's yourself. We're all so critical of ourselves, especially when you're a blogger and you put yourself out there everyday. But I was just thinking, your bangs look AMAZING on your face, you have an amazing body, and I have never noticed a droopy eyelid! You are one of the most gorgeous girls I've ever seen. Seriously. :)


  10. Insecurities are the worst. No matter how many people tell you "you're gorgeous" or something, you can't help but to disagree with them. And I think I know what you mean about having an hour glass figure. It's funny that an hour glass figure was super hot back in the day (I think they still are), but now with all these super thin models wearing all the clothes you want while shopping online, you have to compare yourself! Like, you need to imagine what that item of clothing will look like on yourself and you know that it won't look the same or "as good" on our own frame. I had to come to terms with the fact that I will NEVER have a stupid thigh gap and that, even if I lose weight, my arms will always be thick. Also- the shape of my face, and funnily enough, my butt as well (I get insecure about wearing tight pants or skirts because my butt is a little big and I don't want unwanted stares, haha) Once I accepted these things about myself I started to feel loads better. So yeah, I know exactly what you mean. Ah! This is a good idea for a blog post.
    Anyway, this is a long comment and I think we're all cute.

  11. I absolutely love everything about this post! You have such strength, that I don't even think you realize :) Oh and you are beautiful!

  12. We all have our insecurties, but trust me you don't have anything to worry about. We are all our biggest critics. In the end is really going to matter how critical we are of ourselves?

  13. I read these and thought what? She's crazy! You're so cute and perfect!! But I have TONS of insecurities too so I guess I can't blame you. I also hate the fact that I have zero boobs and I don't like my body shape or my legs. Plus I have acne which is always embarrassing. But we all need to learn to love ourselves more and I'm glad you're getting there! I'm trying hard haha. And trust me, you are BEAUTIFUL.


  14. I also have a nonexistent butt. It's very annoying ;) you're awesome though and I hope you're feeling the love!

  15. If I didn't know the title of this post I would think these are things you love about yourself! I love these photos. And you're so brave to share your insecurities. Great idea! You've inspired me to maybe try this myself. But for real, you shouldn't be insecure about these. Actually I would love to have some of those attributes you're insecure about. ha. I guess we always tend to want what we don't have. You're a beaut :)


  16. Doesn't it just feel good to get these thoughts out? Great post :) Keep pushing to love yourself just the way you are though, you're beautiful!

  17. This post is amazing. You look beautiful! I can totally relate, thanks so much for putting yourself out there!

  18. I definitely can relate! I feel like we as women, always have multiple things about ourselves that we wish we could change, when in reality, we are beautiful just the way we are!

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly


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