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January 3, 2014

1.  B E  T H E  B E S T  M O M  I  C A N  B E
Being a mom is definitely new territory (of course). I've been stressed quite a few times, overwhelmed some. I've had my share of tears and sleepless nights. But I couldn't be more happy or thankful for my baby girl. I want to give more love than I can even think possible to my little girl. I want to give her happiness. I want to give her comfort. She'll only be one by the end of 2014, she won't remember much of what I do for her. But I want to help her grow into the beautiful woman I know she will be. This is a resolution I'll be adding on, year after year.

2.  B E  M O R E  I N D E P E N D E N T
With my husband leaving for Russia, I've been really nervous about how I'll do on my own. Thinking about him leaving has made me realize how much I rely on him. He's the cook in the family, he does most of the laundry, he cleans a lot, and helps me so much with the baby. (I sure got lucky with him) I've been so spoiled! Now I'm going to have to learn to do all of that on my own. It'll be a great thing to learn. And it will help me create better habits.

3.  B E  M O R E  O U T G O I N G
Before getting married and having a baby, I used to be super outgoing. Then I became a homebody. Now I get so nervous when it comes to meeting new people. It's pretty embarrassing.. This year I'm going to try and make a lot of new friends, get out of my comfort zone, and be outgoing!

4.  B E  F I T
What are New Years resolutions without exercise? I don't want to lose weight, I just want to get fit. I am so out of shape. I go up a flight of stairs and I'm out of breath! I want to try running at least once a week. That shouldn't be too hard! (hopefully)

5.  S T O P  C O M P A R I N G  M Y S E L F  T O  O T H E R S
To be honest, this is something I struggle with daily. With the blogging world, Instagram, Facebook, and so on. I constantly look at what I post, share, say, etc.. and compare myself to others. When I do this, it makes me frustrated! I look at other people and think to myself, "Man, I wish I could be that pretty." "I wish I had lots of money to buy clothes like that." "Why can't I be that creative?" "I wish I could be a better wife like her." And the list goes on.. It can only hurt my self esteem. This is probably going to be one of the hardest things for me. There's a quote by Theodore Roosevelt that I try to keep in my mind, "Comparison is the thief of joy". And it couldn't be more true.

Did you guys come up with resolutions? What are some of them?

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  1. I love these goals! I used to struggle super bad with comparison, too. I LOVE that quote, too. It's amazing and so incredibly true. To be honest, you are so beautiful and I look at you as you're one of the best mothers & wives. I could easily compare myself to you any day and get kind of depressed. bahahah! You're a beauty! Good luck on these awesome goals.

  2. These are great ones. They are similar to the four I am posting on my blog tomorrow!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. These are great goals! Very similar to ones I definitely need to work on, too!

  4. Best of luck with these goals! Mine are all about getting organized and being good to myself!

  5. Those are good resolutions! I have found myself in a similar 'homebody position' since becoming a mom and wife as well. Time to change that I suppose!


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