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keeping it (very) simple.

January 29, 2014

Shirt: Old Navy // Jeans: Old Navy // Boots: Madden Girl // Coat: Old Navy

This outfit is super simple. I was almost considering not posting it. But I just love this shirt too much. The neckline is my favorite, I wish I had more shirts with a boat neck.

My baby and I are sick right now. Definitely not fun. I'm kind of freaking out, I think she has croup of some sort. But my husband says I'm over exaggerating, which is very possible. It just breaks my heart everytime I hear her poor cough! She's been smiling a ton though, so she's not in pain. Right? We're on the mend, snuggling and watching Master Chef. Thank goodness I have a short day of work tomorrow!

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  1. Aww baby snuggles are the best! Sad that you're both sick though :( Get better fast! This outfit is simple perfection, I'm glad you decided to post it! That top is darling and so are you!!


  2. Found your blog through PassionFruitAds! ove your outfit and that olive green jacket!
    I wanted to invite you to join the utah bloggers facebook group I just started: Utah Chic Bloggers
    Kat | www.poshbykat.com

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit on you. Wowsa. So simple, but SO CHIC. xo

  4. I cannot believe you just had a baby! You look so great. And you make simple outfits look SO chic. Love it girl.


  5. This outfit is so lovely! That shirt looks really good on you!
    I hope you and your baby are doing fine now!

    x Hilde

  6. Excellent post! I like this...Thanks for sharing!


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