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lovely sponsor - buttons & birdcages.

November 19, 2013

None of these photos are mine.

Hey guys! I'm going to introduce you to the beautiful Miche from Buttons & Birdcages. She's a stylish girl who does some amazing thrifted refashions. I wish I could be as talented as her!

1. What inspired you to start your blog?
Honestly, other bloggers. I used to just look at style blogs, like, all the time. I would takes bits and pieces from various bloggers style and try to come up with my own. I always thought it would be awesome to have one of my own and eventually I decided that I had no excuse not to start one.

2. How would you describe your style?
I guess I would describe it as vintage inspired and eclectic (at least thats what I'd like to think it is)

3. Where do you go for style inspiration?
Straight to my BlogLovin' feed. I skip the stores, celebrities, and magazines. I like to see what real women are wearing and how they style it.

4. What is your #1 place to shop? (Clothes, makeup, shoes, etc..)
Thrift Stores for clothes for sure, a lot of people are freaked out by thrift stores, but what I love about them is they give you an opportunity to find totally unique items that you know the person standing behind you in line at the movies won't be wearing. If I am gonna go for new stuff though I must admit Target is my go to - clothes, shoes, makeup - they have the works, and they rarely disappoint.

5. What are a few of your favorite blogs?
I have SO many! I must admit, I do love some of the big ones - The Clothes Horse and Delightfully Tacky, they were the originals I started reading. Now I've also began to love a few smaller ones as well, like Spoolish and Someone Like You

6. Any advice for fellow bloggers?
Don't feel like you have to conform to what the trends are, or what popular bloggers are wearing. Remember, your blog is just that, your blog. It's your little place on the internet to just be you - plus, you don't want to look back on it one day and feel like it wasn't a true representation of you at that time in your life.

Now be sure to go and say hello to Miche!

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  1. you're beautiful miss! my goodness. and that ruffle skirt... darling! xoxo

  2. i love this little interview with her! her style is quite grand and i love her outfit here!

    lindsey louise



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