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pumpkin patch.

October 11, 2013

Cardigan: DownEast Basics // Shirt: c/o Skip n' Whistle // Jeans: Old Navy Maternity // Boots: Forever Young

GUYS, I got my mustard cardigan! I about died when I found it. I really wanted the one from ModCloth, mentioned in my previous post, but it was a little too pricy for me. (I'm a cheapo, I know) Yesterday I was going to check out this store called Cozy down in Provo, where my grandma got her mustard cardigan years ago. When I got to the store, I noticed a DownEast Basics thrift store right next door. I decided to take a quick peek inside and browse for a mustard cardigan, which I just knew they wouldn't have. Then OUT OF NOWHERE THERE IT WAS!! My mustard cardigan. When I went to purchase it, the lady told me it was also 30% off. Could my day get any better than that? It was pretty great.

Pregnancy update: Today was my 37 week appointment (even though I'm 38 weeks on Sunday). And my husband and I definitely got thrown a curveball. The doctor told us that the baby is breech. When he told me, I had an instant feeling of panic. He explained that this would mean I will have to get a C-section. We're going to wait out a week and see if the baby has flipped by my appointment next Friday. The doctor said that she probably won't, since it's getting pretty late in the pregnancy. If by next Friday she hasn't flipped, the following Monday, the 21st, they'll have me come in. If I want to try and have the doctor flip the baby himself, and it works, then I'll be induced that day. If it doesn't work, or if I choose not to do that, the C-section will be done that day. I'm feeling pretty nervous. This changes all of our plans, a complete 180°. We're going to try different ways to see if we can get the baby to flip on her own. We've heard it's possible, so I guess we'll try what we can. I'm just trying to stay positive!

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  1. Go to a chiropractor!! They have some moves that will flip a breach baby... Worth a try? Good luck!!

  2. I hope she turns for you, but even if you need the c-section I can assure you that there's nothing to fear! Whatever happens, it's all worth it when they put that baby in your arms. I know you've probably heard that a hundred times but it is so true :) Everything works together for good. I am so grateful we live in an age of modern medicine with doctors who know what they are doing! My son likely wouldn't have survived if I hadn't had access to c-section. x

  3. Super cute outfit!! Where are you at with all the pumpkins?? I hope your little girl flips but if she doesn't, don't stress. It'll be fine. Love you girl!


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