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how to dress your baby bump - on a budget.

September 27, 2013

Hey guys! I've been asked quite a few times if I wear maternity clothes, where I shop for maternity clothes, etc.. I haven't been answering any of the questions because I've been working on this post! (Sorry) I'm pretty excited to share with you guys how I've dressed my bump. I'm mainly going to talk about how to dress the end of your 2nd trimester and all the way through your 3rd trimester.

Let me first say, MAN, is it hard or what?! As much as I love a challenge, some days were really hard. Not only are you uncomfortable and emotional 24/7, you also get to try on every piece of clothing and realize nothing fits. I've had many mornings where I've torn my closet apart, then just sobbed about how terrible life is. (I'm a big baby)

When I purchased anything, I always asked myself if it was something I could wear post-baby. My husband is a full-time student, and I have been working less because of the pregnancy. So buying a whole new maternity wardrobe wasn't really in our budget. I also didn't want to purchase a lot of maternity clothes because I knew they would only be worn for a few months, then stashed away forever. Or at least until I'm pregnant again..

So I came up with 6 essentials.. Continue reading after the break!

#1: Oversized Tees
I basically lived in these. A few of these are maternity, then the rest are mostly shirts that I bought 2 sizes too big. I love these, because they will also be perfect for the 4th trimester, when I'm wanting to keep my pouch hidden.

#2: Leggings
Leggings are perfect for those days you just don't want to wear jeans. They're stretchy and comfortable. I also have a couple pairs of jeggings. All non-maternity.

#3: Bodycon Dresses
These were my favorite when I wanted to dress up a little, but especially show off the bump. They were super easy to wear, and again, really comfortable. And what's great about the super short ones at Forever 21, you can wear them as a shirt because of your belly! The only slight problem I have with these, is I won't be able to wear them immediately post-baby. I probably won't be able to wear them again until I get my flat tummy back, which is kind of buggy. But I still love them! All non-maternity.

#4: Form-fitting Shirts
I love/hate these for the same reason I love bodycon dresses. They're perfect for showing off the belly! You can also see I love stripes.. All non-maternity.

#5: Bodycon & Maxi Skirts
Again, with the showing off the belly with the bodycon skirts.. Maxi skirts with elastic waistbands are so great. They're comfy, and they easily dress up any t-shirt if you're feeling a lazy day (which is almost everyday). All non-maternity.

#6: Maternity Jeans
These are a MUST. Even though it goes against being able to wear post-baby, they are literally the best. It's like heaven. You can find cheap maternity jeans at any D.I., Savers, or Kid-to-Kid. Old Navy clearance is another great place to look for maternity jeans.. In my opinion, don't spend full price on them! I promise you can find cheap ones if you look. All of mine were under $20.

Okay, so now where I shopped for my clothes! My number one place was Forever 21. They're super inexpensive, and they have great clearance. I bought most of my oversized tees, form-fitting shirts, and bodycon dresses/skirts from there. My 2nd favorite place is ASOS. I've always loved this place. Not only do they have really cute clothes and great deals, it's always FREE SHIPPING! Amazing, right? Those were the two main places I bought these clothes. I would sometimes spot some good clearance at Old Navy, and a few pieces at H&M as well.

After looking through my closet, I found out I only own about 7 maternity pieces. Which I feel pretty happy about!

Here are a few of my favorites, some maternity and some not:


And if you want to see how I styled all of these essentials, you are more than welcome to browse through my maternity posts.

Thanks guys! Hope this was helpful!!

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  1. These ate such great ideas!! Thanks!

  2. Especially nice layout on this post! ^_^

  3. Amazing post! I need to remember this when I am pregnant! Such great ideas, and you look adorable...

    Ashley | Raspberry Glow

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