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happy weekend.

August 24, 2013

Shirt: Forever 21 // Maternity Jeans: Old Navy (self distressed) // Shoes: Kohl's

Holy vibrant red shirt! Almost blinding.. I wanted to show off my pup on the blog today. This is my chihuahua, Lupe! He's a he, we named him after Lupe Fiasco. Haha. Anyway, I thrifted these maternity jeans, and they're a few sizes too big. I decided to buy them because they are ridiculous amounts of comfy and they give the "boyfriend jean" look. Yesterday I saw this post by Loverly She and she gave me the inspiration to distress my jeans! I thought these jeans were pretty plain and not something I'd buy IRL (non-pregnant). It was exactly what these jeans needed, because now I love them even more!

This weekend has been a pretty solid one so far. I've loved every minute. Yesterday my husband and I got some Farr's ice cream (the best) then went to the movies. Today I went to Ikea for some breakfast and bought some more nursery decor, while my husband was teaching English. Then we came home and had a wonderful, much needed, 3 hour nap. I just love weekends like these.

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  1. I've been meaning to go thrifting for jeans just so I could distress them! You did a great job here. I thought you had bought them that way.

  2. Aw thanks for the shout-out :D You've done an awesome job with the jeans and they have just the right amount of slouch.

  3. I love stripes and leopard!! And good job on distressing the jeans, they look so cool!!
    Erin @ joggingpantsmustdie.com

  4. I just came across your blog, it's so cute! Keep up the good work :)

  5. Aw what a cute puppy!! Love this casual look, you are seriously the cutest prego I've ever seen!


  6. Love the jeans! They totally look store bought!


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