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sunday update 1 - five things.

July 7, 2013

I decided I'm going to start up a new post "series". Sunday updates! I tried doing something similar to this a while ago and couldn't keep up with it. This time I want to try just maybe doing it once a month, the 1st Sunday. We'll see how I do!

1. Ever since I found out the gender of the baby I can't stop crafting! Especially baby shoes. I think I've pinned about 50+ things that I want to craft before baby Abigail comes. I could seriously craft for days. I'm just hoping that the more I do crafts that require me to sew, I'll get better at sewing! Because those cat booties, were a little tough for me. Haha.

2. This past week we spent a lot of time with family. Which is my absolute favorite. I love seeing my nieces! They are the sweetest. They just make me so excited to be a mom! Our 4th of July was spent wonderfully. We went to the Cherry Days parade (my very first parade) then saw Despicable Me 2! I loved the first one, and this one was really good, just didn't top the first. Then at night we lit a ton of fireworks with family and friends. Ending in me stepping on a sparkler and burning my foot. (+1 for me)

3. I just found my new favorite candy yesterday. Tootsie Pop drops! YUM. I love Tootsie Pops, but these are just the best. I found them at the dollar store, now go and try some.

4. Pregnancy update: I'm 24 weeks! I feel like pregnancy has just been flying by lately. Only 4 more weeks and I'm in my 3rd trimester! It's so crazy. At my next doctor's appointment I have to do my Glucose test. I'm semi-nervous. I've heard a lot of stories and I hope it's just not as bad as everyone says it is! *crossed fingers*

5. Last but not least, I'm extremely bored of my hair -again-. I need change. A lot Part of me wants to chop it and have it be just above shoulder length. But then I think about how badly I've been wanting it to grow out. I keep justifying it in my head because my hair is growing super fast right now, so I should be okay to cut it. Right? Or, I'll just perm it.. This is going to be an ongoing battle in my head. Any suggestions are welcome!

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