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meet lola.

January 27, 2013








Meet Lola, my very first guest on my blog! Isn't she wonderful? I have always been so in love with her style. She has such a great eye for fashion. Doing this shoot & interview with her was so much fun! And I could just go on and on about how gorgeous she is. But I'll let you guys know a little more about her!

How would you describe your personal style?
I go with the trends, but I like to mix it up with pieces of my personal style, things that are different and out of the ordinary!

Where do you go for fashion inspiration?
Teen Vogue, The Satorialist, & J. Crew Magazines

What are your closet essentials?
My sparkly belt, and in the summer, sunglasses! Even inside! People think I’m crazy.

Who are your top fashion icons?
Ellle Fanning, Stella McCartney, & Coco Chanel

If you could give one piece of style advice, what would it be?
Just don’t be afraid! Be yourself! Everyone will love you for YOU. Wear something you like,
and don’t be scared if someone won’t like it! All that matters is if you like it.


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