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sunday update - week 4.

July 29, 2012

• Today we celebrated our cousin Sawyer's 1st birthday! It was really nice to get together with the family.. I feel like it's been forever since my husband and I last saw them. So it turned out really nice.. We had a lot of fun!

• We are completely STOKED! We're going to see Iron Maiden on Wednesday!! My whole family is going. That's where my dad wants to take our family Christmas picture. Haha. So we're all going to be decked out in Iron Maiden attire. Leather pants, denim vests, studded jewelry, etc.. And of course, each of us are going to be wearing an Iron Maiden shirt! I'm soooo excited.

• This Tuesday, one of my best friends is getting married. I absolutely love being a part of weddings..

That about sums it up! Hope your Sunday was great.

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