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sunday update - week 2.

July 16, 2012

Reppin' some Ohio State! I realize it's no longer Sunday, but I missed the opportunity to post yesterday so I'll be updating you today! On a lovely Monday..

• I just got back from a weekend trip to Ohio with my parents. We were mostly in Cleveland, but we also visited Columbus and Sandusky. Columbus, obviously to visit the State Capital, and then Sandusky to go to Cedar Point! On our first day, we went to a couple crazy restaurants. Definitely some unique food! We also visited the historic Kirtland Temple. It was an awesome stop.. Great to see all the history there. On day two, we went to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It was really neat! But the bummer was we couldn't take any photos in the gallery. It was also cool to see all of the Inductees, but I got upset to see that Rush and Iron Maiden aren't inducted! Super disappointing.. Then we went to The Pro-Football Hall of Fame. (For my dad, of course) It was interesting to see how football started, and how it's developed over the centuries. On day three, we went inside the State Capital and took a self-tour. Every wall was pink! Then we went and saw an exact replica of the Santa Maria. To my surprise, it was really small! After that, we dropped my mom off at the hotel then my dad and I went to Cedar Point. My mom hates rollercoasters so she insisted she didn't go.. We went on the first rollercoaster, which was about 90+ MPH and 300+ ft. tall.. After the ride, my dad got extremely sick and couldn't even walk straight. It was so sad! We just ended up walking around and sitting for a few hours. Then, when my dad felt somewhat better, we went and waited in line for the best one! 420 ft. high, and 120 MPH! Insane.. We came specifically to ride this one. We went and waited in line for a dreadful hour and a half, then of course, it began to rain. And they shut it down! We were about 15 minutes away from the front of the line. We were so upset, we just went back to the hotel.. Then the next morning, we flew home. Bummer!

• My husband, my siblings, and I are going to go see the new Batman midnight showing this Thursday! We're preparing by watching the first two right now.. My brother is absolutely obsessed with Batman, so he's completely ecstatic. Hopefully it's good! It got positive ratings, so it should be.

Thanks guys!