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new shoes.

July 3, 2012

I went looking for a new outfit to wear for 4th of July, and decided to go check out a shoe store called Forever Young.. I was just going to browse. Then I saw that they had a sale, of course.. Buy two get one free! It doesn't sound like an amazing deal at first, but when you find two pairs of shoes that you want, and know you can get a 3rd pair for free, it sounds pretty amazing. Those stores know what they're doing! I got 3 adorable pairs of shoes for only $50! Not bad..

The first pair are teal with a map pattern. I was lucky enough to grab a pair that had the Eiffel Tower right on the top! I was super happy about that. This pair is my absolute favorite.. The next pair are red sandals. I specifically purchased this pair to wear with my outfit tomorrow.. Then last but not least, leopard oxfords!! I've been looking for a pair of these for a while now.. I about died when I saw them. It's not your normal leopard print, it's lighter, but I still love them!

I'm watching A Beautiful Mind right now in my Psychology class while blogging, better pay attention.

Happy 4th tomorrow! Be safe and don't forget about the fireworks!

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