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June 24, 2012

And we're back!

Goblin Valley was such a blast. The temperature was around 100°! But, the winds were about 25 MPH.. So it only felt about 85°, which was super nice! We hiked through the goblins in the morning, then hiked through the narrows in Little Wild Horse Canyon. It's so beautiful, I just love the redrocks. I definitely recommend it! The funny thing is, I borrowed my brother's camera for the trip so I could make sure and post some photos.. Well, it died as we were leaving to go home, then when I went to charge it, my brother said he lost the charger! Of all the things that could happen! So, again, going to have to wait on the photo update.. Of course.

Moving on, I just purchased these two nail polishes. Sinful Colors is not an extremely notable brand, they're very inexpensive. Only $2, not bad! I actually prefer this brand over any other brand.. They have so many colors! It's great.

I decided to try the Mint Apple as my base coat, then add Frenzy on top. The colors worked really well together.. Then of course, I added a clear top coat to seal everything, and hopefully make them last longer! On a side note, I also just ordered Nailene Full Cover Nails Kit (Petite Square) - petite because my nail beds are so short! - from eBay. I'm really excited to try these out.. They cost me about $9, and I've only heard good things about them. $9 beats $40 at a nail salon! They sold out of the one's I bought, but they still have some around $10.. I'll be sure to make a post about them when I get them in the mail..

Happy Sunday!