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nails, again!

June 30, 2012

I guess I get easily bored of my nails.. It hasn't even been a week since I last painted them! I just couldn't wait to try out my new Nailene kit..

I also ordered some new nail polish off of Copious. I've never heard of the site until I saw it on another Blogger's post.. I didn't believe it at first, I thought it was a scam. But it's totally legit! Sign up here and you'll get a $10 credit. The only catch is, you have to spend $0.01 of your own money.. New nail polish for 1 cent? Not going to argue with that! So I definitely recommend it.. Sign up!

The nail polish I ordered was from Zoya.. They're known for being a vegan friendly polish. Which I thought was pretty nice.. The whole story of how the company started was interesting. The woman who started it was originally a classical pianist in Russia! Love it.. Read about it here! They have tons, and tons of colors. If you get a chance, go check them out..

Conveniently, I put on my nails the night before my polish came in the mail. I was happy I was able to try them both out at the same time.. When I first put the nails on, it completely looked natural! Take a look at the first image.. I loved them. Then, the polish was super easy to apply, and it coated nicely. I was super happy with the outcome! They look and feel great, it looks like they were done professionally!

Let me know what you guys think! Hope your weekend is going well. :)

(For some reason, my pictures make it look like the polish is a greyish-brown color, but it's more of a lavender color.)