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maxi skirts.

June 20, 2012

Semi-good news! I decided I'd try using my camera phone to make posts other than my week of photos.. Hope you can bear with me, the pictures aren't the best quality.

So, this past weekend I purchased two maxi skirts online. (#1#2) these two skirts aren't truly maxi skirts, they're midi-length skirts. But on me, they are definitely maxi length! I've personally never had an interest in that type of skirt.. Don't get me wrong, I never thought they were ugly. It's just the fact that I'm only 5'2". My height doesn't really work with super long skirts, right? But as I was looking through Forever 21's website, I saw these skirts and knew I had to have them!

The #1 skirt is my absolute favorite.. Mainly because daisies are my favorite flower. Haha. And, not to mention, it came with a fantastic brown braided belt! It actually ended up working perfect for both of the skirts. I was happy about that..

Hopefully you love these two as much as I do! Thanks guys. :)

P.S. I have an issue with making the same pose for every picture..