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lovely surprise.

June 26, 2012



I came home to these two packages waiting for me! I totally wasn't expecting both of them to arrive the same day.. Opening these was like Christmas!

The first package was from Darly Bird.. She's a cute local Provo girl who sells things from earrings to party decorations. I am in LOVE with all of her earrings! I own quite a few pairs. What I purchased was the 5 Earring Grab Bag.. 5 pairs of adorable earrings for only $20! It came in a super cute packaging. French! My favorite.. And I forgot to mention, they're all handmade. And totally unique! Just go take a look at all of her earrings, they're amazing..

The second package was the nails I was talking about in my previous "nails." post.. I'm super excited to try them out! They look completely natural. And 200 nails should last me awhile! I'll be sure to make a post when I try them out..

Hope you guys are having a good Tuesday!