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June 22, 2012

I purchased these lovlies about a month ago, and just received them in the mail! I've been waiting and waiting for these to come!

These are the cheap brand of Creepers, but I definitely didn't mind spending about $40 less. I ordered these off of eBay from China.. I've been craving a pair of Creepers for quite some time now. I think they can be a hard thing to pull off, so I was worried how I could make them look good.. (I'm still in the process) but I guess what pushed me into purchasing them, was the fact that my whole family is preparing to go to an Iron Maiden concert. And yes, I mean preparing.. We've been searching for the perfect outfit, and I found this a great excuse to finally order some Creepers! And, in my favorite print! :)

Because I love them so much, I'm planning on wearing them well before the concert.. It's just going to take a full day of ideas to come up with the perfect outfit to match these babies. I'm really excited! Hope you are, too. I'll be sure to post the outfit..

Thank you!